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 The SJMS mediator serves as a neutral facilitator who helps the parties to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution to their problems. People can agree to mediate problems before there becomes a need for litigation. If a case is already in litigation, mediation can be a voluntary process chosen by the parties or a court may order the case to go to mediation. In all mediations, the parties decide the solution that's best for their situation. The mediator never directs a resolution.

Pre-Litigation & Non-Litigation Mediation can be used by parties to a dispute either before litigation has begun or after a lawsuit has been filed. Pre-litigation mediation can be especially useful for disputes among family members, including divorce, wills, estate issues and probate. Mediation can also be invaluable in non-litigation matters involving estate planning for estates where there can be potential conflicts of interest, the family circumstances are complex, or when family business succession planning is needed. The SJMS Mediator will work with your estate planning attorney to finalize the estate plan adopted through the mediation process.

San Juan Mediation Services was founded out of the need in the community for individuals, families and businesses to solve problems sensibly without the emotional or financial costs of traditional court remedies. Mediation services allows individuals to frame their own solutions, without a court directing the result -- where often one party wins and one party loses. When people are able to decide the solutions that are best for them, they save time, money and are better able to move on with their lives. 

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San Juan Mediation Services

San Juan Mediation Services
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Pagosa Springs, Alamosa, Durango, San Juan Mountain & San Luis Valley Communities

     Telephone:  970-903-7294